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Paint for fun or to sell?

Should a hobby be a chore?
When I began painting it was "just for fun". I really never thought about selling work. But then it happened and I've enjoyed nearly twenty years of reasonably regular sales, albeit in local art club exhibitions rather than major galleries! Recently I've begun to notice that part-way into a painting I'm asking myself "Is this likely to sell?" and I'm sure in some ironic fashion that stiffens up my work - and probably makes selling more unlikely.
So, a major decision looms. I have committed to two exhibitions in the coming month and have decided that they will be my last for at least a year.
In that time, I will go back to basics - back to that "just for fun" mentality, choosing what I paint and how I paint with no-one but myself to worry about the outcome. Like the painting of the square in Brighton linked to this blog item. I might even destroy all the paintings once they are completed. That could be a problem for my children who have often said they would use my unsold canvasses as my funeral pyre!
So, there may be no more "current works" to show on this website for a while.
Unless I change my mind, of course.