Artist's statement and background

Let's drop the pretension!
I do love to read artists' "statements" ... filled with words like synergy, metaphor, illusory perception and so on. However interesting they sound, I never quite understand them. I'm not into that stuff.

I paint because I enjoy it. I enjoy it as a physical activity - the exuberant use of oils, the speed of acrylics and (just occasionally) the delicacy of water-colour. It is an outlet for whatever creative juices I have. And it is lovely when someone appreciates the work.

I have painted forever. I have attended more art classes than I care to remember from Manchester to Melbourne and have picked up even more from watching current British artists up-close-and-personal at local workshops. For landscapes, I love the work of Dutch artist Janhendrik Dolsma who creates beach and sky scenes to rival the great "masters". For portraits, there is no-one better than Northern Ireland master, Colin Davidson. Work by these artists build on earlier influences - from Turner to Roland Hilder - with all of them helping me decide what I want to do. That's how life is.

I paint virtually every day. I combine studio work with regular "plein air" sessions alongside attendance at a couple of art clubs. Thankfully, my work has been appreciated (and bought) by people from Europe, Australia and USA. When possible, I donate a part of my "profit" to a Diabetes charity - turning an indulgent hobby into an even more worthwhile activity.

I prefer harmony to edginess and sunshine to cloud. If that's for you ... come and have a look