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Competitions are good when you win!

Painting accepted for Open 16 exhibition
The artists' press often has letters on whether or not it is useful to enter "open" exhibitions. One school of thought is that there is so little chance of "unknown" artists gaining entry that they are just ways of increasing revenue for the organizers. That seems a bit cynical ... and given that "you gotta be in it to win it" there is not much alternative.
So, with some trepidation I entered two paintings for the Open 16 exhibition to be held at Worthing Art Gallery and Museum (from November '16 until March '17). My money was on one of Guy Martin of a motor-bike being selected as I thought this would be quite unusual. I am pleased to say that one of them was selected ... but not Guy! A more traditional seascape of St Ives in Cornwall has made it on to the walls.
Will this give me assurance that other open exhibitions are worth the effort - on-line entry, delivering the paintings, bearing rejection, picking up unselected work - and the cost that goes with it? Well, maybe.
At least until the time when all my stuff is rejected!