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Keeping website "current"

What does an out-of date website tell you about the artist?
Yep - that's my garden!
When I visit someone else's website and find that the last entry was a long-time past, I have mixed emotions - especially if I like the work. I feel a bit sad ... has something happened to the artist? Are they ill or given up? Of course I could feel a bit jealous ... maybe they are just so busy selling they have no time to up-date the site. Then I get a bit angry ... even if they are selling (especially if they are selling!) I want to be kept in touch with their latest work. And so on ...
So, when I had a note - from a previous purchaser of my work - questioning the absence of information about my current work and exhibitions on MY website, it struck home. Looking back, I had not updated my images or information for at least 4 months. That is eons in "web-life". Of course I have my excuses - I've been busy preparing for a couple of up-coming exhibitions; I've been on holiday; my garden needs work on it ....
But, in future when I see another artist's website is a little out-of-date, maybe I will just have feelings of sympathy ... and immediately check mine again!
Happy painting.