Just idle chat

Open air exhibition

Nothing beats face-to-face feedback!
On Saturday, I took part in an open-air exhibition in Sevenoaks. Thankfully, I sold several paintings ... paying for my paints and leaving a tidy sum for charity ... but most importantly the event allowed me to hear what people actually thought of my work. No-one was nasty! Best I got from one chap was "OK, but not to my taste" - each to his own and he was honest enough to say it. The buyers told me what they liked ... the choice of colours, the brightness, the scene and so on.
And on a painting of horse and hounds, one knowledgeable person was able to point out that I had included just too many red-ocats ... apparently, they are usually restricted to the "master" and a couple of others ... so I will be revisiting that one to build in a few tweed jackets! She also mentioned that it would be better to vary the heights of the background figures as horses did tend to be different heights!

As always, "feedback is the breakfast of champions" and my future work will benefit from all those kindly remarks.

Thanks to everyone who made them.