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Painting for charity

Helping others through painting
I'm never going to make a fortune from art ... nothing new there then! So, when I do sell paintings it nice to know that some of the (so-called) profit will go to a good cause. Mostly with me, it is to Diabetes UK as I have a son who is inflicted with that disease, along with several nephews/nieces. However, for the Sevenoaks Art Club annual exhibition this year (19th November to 1st December) I've joined many of our members in constructing "The Rockdale Wall" ... a selection of small square canvases being sold in aid of local housing charity, Rockdale. I've done two .. and one can be seen in the Countryside gallery ... "Cottages in the snow". All the canvases will sell at a standard (and cheap!) £10 ... and we hope to raise several hundred pounds for this worthy cause.